Main settlement : Angrecken, south Hatanu
Additional settlements : Hassatig Keep, Xer peninsula, south Hatanu
Relations / Allies : Bankers Guild, Thri-Kreen
Society : LE Fascism
Know for/as : Belief in Dwarven racial superiority, mining and crafting of gold and gems
Changes from Core : Wyrmscourged (ARG pg 12)


Main settlement : Riais’en’siraan, Northern Anavrin
Additional settlements : Solus Keep, Sothern Anavrin, ruled by Council of Anavrin
Relations / Allies : Remnants of Anavrin, Bankers Guild, Serazan
Society : TN Socialist
Know for/as : Observers, aloof, arrogant, Mithral crafting
Changes from Core : None


Main settlement : Agneisis, Eastern Dirine region
Additional settlements : None
Relations / Allies : None (Neutral)
Society : LN Democratic Meritocracy
Know for/as : Fleshcrafters (grafts, grey necromancy)
Changes from Core : Fell Magic and Gift of Tongues (ARG pg 32), Illusion Resistance changes to Necromancy Resistance.

Half-Elves and Half-Orcs

No specific settlements, relations / allies, society, or changes from core.


Main settlement : None (vagabonds)
Additional settlements : None
Relations / Allies : None (viewed with disdain or suspicion)
Society : CN Gerontocracy within each individual “Camp” of 20 to 50 Halflings
Know for/as : Thieves, entertainers, con-artists
Changes from Core : Shiftless (ARG pg 62), Weapon Familiarity changes to kukri.




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